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1956 Centenial Queen Marlys Leander


1961 Miss Princeton Queen of Flowers Karen Townsend


1962 Miss Princeton Queen of Flowers Charlene Pream


1963 Miss Princeton Queen of Flowers Adah Hanson


1973 Polka Day Queen Marlene Kellerman


1974 Miss Princeton Brenda Harren


1975 Miss Princeton Trish Reiman


1976 Miss Princeton Kelly Fairchild


1978 Miss Princeton Julie Sakry


1979 Miss Princeton Julie Hansen

          Princeton Princess Gretchen Guenther

          Princeton Princess Kelly Durelle


1980 Miss Princeton Deana Miller


1981 Miss Princeton Jocelyn Soernsen

          Princeton Princess Janine Malcolm

          Princeton Princess Carol Enger


1982 Miss Princeton Cheryl Patterson

          Princeton Princess Laurie Storschein

          Princeton Princess Bunny Swanson


1983 Miss Princeton Annette Schimming

          Princeton Princess Cindy Skavnak

          Princeton Princess Angie Ursprung


1984 Miss Princeton Becky Anderson

          Princeton Princess Lisa Lundren

          Princeton Princess Lynn Lindberg


1985 Miss Princeton Ann Minks (Aquatennial Princess 1986)

          Princeton Princess Lynn Belair

          Princeton Princess Rebecca Miller



          Miss Princeton Missy Matz

          Princeton Princess Wendy Hendricks

          Princeton Princess Lynette Gustafson


1988 Miss Princeton Missy Boudin

          Princeton Princess Lori Lundren

          Princeton Princess Kelly Elmquist

         Miss Congeniality Heidi Campbell-Beer


1989 Miss Princeton Wendy Glauvitz

          Princeton Princess Lea Johnson

          Princeton Princess Michelle Kouba

          Miss Congeniality Tami Clemensen


1990 Miss Princeton Cami Puffer

          Princeton Princess Kari Nelson

          Princeton Princess Melissa Trier


1991 Miss Princeton Lisa Edmonds

          Princeton Princess/Miss Congeniality Tonya Strohmayer

          Princeton Princess Shelly Strunge 


1992 Miss Princeton Cindy Anderson

          Princeton Princess Rochelle Anundsen

          Princeton Princess/Miss Congeniality April Eckhardt


1993 Miss Princeton Amber Swanson

         Princeton Princess Stacy Henchen

         Princeton Princess Heather Vedders

         Miss Congeniality Ann Mace


1994 Miss Princeton Cori Hatch

          Princeton Princess Michele Othoudt

          Princeton Princess Karie Huntley


1995 Miss Princeton Jessica Nieman

          Princeton Princess Michelle Sengbusch

          Princeton Princess Katie Meyer


1997 Miss Princeton Nicole Lemke

          Princeton Princess Amy Stahlback

1998 Miss Princeton Becky Thompson

          Princeton Princess Amy Burdick

          Princeton Princess Monique Efta


2001 Miss Princeton Sarah Neal

          Princeton Princess Lindsay Cournia


2002 Miss Princeton Kortney Schwartz


2003 Miss Princeton Jara Hartigan

          Princeton Princess Alyssa Maples

          Princeton Princess/Miss Congeniality Laura Miron


2004 Miss Princeton Hannah Morrisset

          Princeton Princess Jessical Knoll

          Princeton Princess Stacy Stevenson


2005 Miss Princeton Heather Johnson

          Princeton Princess Kelsi Anderson

          Princeton Princess Megan Anderson

          Miss Congeniality Samantha Rosevold


2006 Miss Princeton Lindsay Schoberg

          Princeton Princess Amber Oeffling

          Princeton Princess/Miss Congeniality Meghan Morrisset


2007 Miss Princeton Kassandra Halverson

          Princeton Princess/Miss Congeniality Jalayne Negley-Pettit

          Princeton Princess Samantha Wilson


2008 Miss Princeton Hope Hennessey

          Princeton Princess Jessica Jones

          Princeton Princess Joslyn Ingalls

          Miss Congeniality Jessica Haldenwager


2009 Miss Princeton Kyra Halverson

          Princeton Princess Samantha Moan

          Princeton Princess Kaytlin Westerberg


2010 Miss Princeton Taryn Alexander

          Princeton Princess Jessica Skaalerud

          Princeton Princess Sara Gram

          Miss Congeniality Krystal Anderson


2011 Miss Princeton Becca Morton

          Princeton Princess Katie Ballard

          Princeton Princess/Miss Congeniality Stephanie Aho (Aquatennial)


2012 Princeton Ambassador/Miss Congeniality Nicole Sorenson

         Princeton Ambassador Jasmine Carr

         Princeton Ambassador Sylvia Michels


2013 Princeton Ambassador Hailey Wheeler

         Princeton Ambassador/Miss Congeniality Allison Sterneman


2014 Princeton Ambassador Katie Kostzweski

          Princeton Ambassador Ashlyn Jorgenson

          Princeton Ambassador Arianna Johnson

          Miss Congeniality Abbigail Otto


2015 Princeton Ambassador/Miss Congeniality Julia Petron

          Princeton Ambassador Becky Case

2016 Princeton Ambassador Katie Hicks

          Princeton Ambassador Emily Maschler

          Princeton Ambassador Brittney Witt (Aquatennial)

          Miss Congeniality Carina Schneider


2017 Princeton Ambassador/Miss Congeniality Carina Schneider (Aquatennial)

          Princeton Ambassador Madi Hazlett

          Princeton Ambassador Maddy Anderson

2018 Princeton Ambassador/Miss Congeniality Aurora Schossow (Aquatennial)

          Princeton Ambassador Megan Johnson

          Princeton Ambassador Haylie Sullivan

2019 Princeton Ambassador/Miss Congeniality Chloe Schneider

          Princeton Ambassador Arie Vanderbeek

          Princeton Ambassador Grace Erickson (Aquatennial)

2021 Princeton Ambassador Kayla Siercks (Aquatennial)

          Princeton Ambassador Tayah Falls 

Princeton Royalty Alumnae

2010 Princeton Royalty from left to right: Princeton Princess Sara Hiemenz, Miss Princeton Taryn Alexander, and Princeton Princess Jessica Skaalerud.

2011 Princeton Royalty from left to right: Miss Princeton Becca Morton, Princeton Princess Katie Ballard, and Princeton Princess Stephanie Aho.

2013 Princeton Ambassador's Allison Sterneman (left) and Hailey Wheeler (right).

2012 Princeton Ambassadors Jasmine Carr (left), Sylvia Michels (Center), and Nicole Sorenson (right).

2014 Princeton Ambassadors Katie Kostzweski (left), Arianna Johnson (center), and Ashlyn Jorgenson (right).

2008 Princeton Royalty

2005 Princeton Royalty from left to right: Princeton Princess Megan Fraboni, Miss Princeton Heather Gram, and Princeton Princess Kelsi Anderson.


2016 Princeton Ambassadors Madi Hazlett (left), Maddy Anderson (center), and Carina Schneider (right).

ambassador photo 2019.JPG

2019 Princeton Ambassadors Arie Vanderbeek (left), Chloe Schneider (center), Grace Erickson (right).

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