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We highly recommend potential candidates and their parents explore our website before applying. Parents find the information on our FAQ page helpful throughout the process of supporting their candidate. The $20 non-refundable application fee can be paid via check sent to our mailing address. Refrain from bringing cash/payments to candidate events. Once you begin a submission you cannot save a partially completed application. Include the following information in your message:


          Candidate Application Information:


          Date of Birth: M/D/YR

          Shirt Size: XS  S  M  L  XL  XXL

          Current School Attending:

          Parent Name and Phone Number:

          Home Address:

          Food Allergies: Yes (Explain) or No

          Are there any businesses/organizations in Princeton/Zimmerman/Milaca you feel especially connected to?


Candidate packets will be provided at the Mandatory Candidate Workshop #1 April 3rd.  


Application Sent!

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