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2023 Candidate Information

Candidate Eligability 
  • At least 17 years old by the date of the coronation and no older than 22.

  • Reside within Milaca, Zimmerman, or Princeton Public School Districts.

  • Are not or have not been pregnant, engaged or married.

Registration Deadline: March 5th, 2023
Candidates rate the candidate experience as 5 out of 5!

Orientation- All registered candidates attend Orientation, where they receive resources to help them prepare/improve their cover letter, speech and resume for judging. The guidance provided through out their candidacy parallels lesson plans offered through popular high school College & Career Exploration courses. 

Candidates will be asked to fill out some additional paperwork and sign-up for their individual interview with the judges.  Parents, family, and friends wanting to learn more about the program are encouraged to come to orientation with our registered Candidates.


Workshops- Candidates are assigned regularly scheduled homework to coincide with the specially designed, hands-on workshops. These workshops will familiarize the candidates with the vocabulary, questions, and expectations of college professionals. During these workshops, candidates will also meet Princeton business owners and program sponsors face to face.

Shadowing- Candidates shadow current Ambassadors as they volunteer outside, host an Dinner/Awards, hand out Mother’s Day Flowers in senior living facilities, and participate in Zimmerman’s Wild West Days Parade.


Judging/Alumni Event- Judging is completed towards the end of their candidate experience but NOT during the coronation event. The Board of Directors, with the exception of the Candidate Coordinator, will interview each candidate and observe them during the Alumni Event. A candidate's attendance record and homework assignments will also be taken into consideration.

Coronation- In between the Judging and the Coronation, everyone can take a short break! There is a merely mandatory rehearsal the day before the Coronation. The Coronation is a huge event-celebrating the candidates,  visiting representatives, the presentation of scholarships, and the local community at large. 


2023 Calendar:




Remaining information regarding locations/times are given directly to registered candidates at orientation.

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