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Avery Krueger

"I was crowned Little Miss Princeton this summer and I have loved every minute of it!


I have met so many new friends by traveling to different towns and events and enjoy spending time with my crown sisters. I have been able to experience so much in just a few short months like walking on the fields at both a Twins and a Saints game, handing out trophies at the races, and volunteering at many town events.  

I love representing our town of Princeton because we have so much to offer for a small community like our fun parks, our awesome businesses, and our school, especially the Spanish Immersion program which I’m apart of because I’m only 10 and speak two languages already.


I look forward to finishing out my reign as Little Miss Princeton by continuing to help-out in the community and being a good role model for other little girls.  

I am in 4th grade at Princeton Intermediate and enjoy playing hockey and dance. I love spending time with all my animals, riding my bike, doing crafts and playing Barbies. When I’m older, I want to be a doctor because my little brother has Spina Bifida and I want to be able to help more kids just like him."

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