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Our main goal for the conference is to connect royalty program directors with one another. By alternating each new conference with recordings from the last, we aim to reach a greater audience while creating a widely accessible resource for coordinators to share and refer back to at any time. Attending each conference in person is HEAVILY suggested. There are far too many benifits to having face to face meetings and round table discussions than what we can list here. At the conference there are tips and resources shared that simply won't make it into the recordings. These recodings won't be published until well after the original presentations. Waiting to watch the summary is not recommended if you're hoping to stay up on the latest trends among royalty programs. Thank you all for supporting our first conference.


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THANK YOU to the presentors and everyone who attended the 2015 Directors Conference held last Frebruary. 


February of 2016: Listen up for the highlights of the first Directors Conference hosted by the Princeton Ambassdor Program Board of Directors.

Introduction to the Conference: Connections

Session 1: Aubree & Charlie Yunker-Community Connections

Session 2: Sylvia Michels-Person to Person Connections

Session 3: Aubree & Charlie Yunker-Financial Resources

Session 4: Jasmine Carr & Hailey Wheeler-Past and Present

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