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Q:  What are the duties of the parents if my daughter is crowned?

A: It us up to the parents themselves as to how involved they will be in their daughters experience as an Ambassador. The ambassadors will often need chaperones to out of town events. However, parents are NOT required to be the chaperones. The program, if need be, can supply chaperones to events. We do ask every parent to be supportive of their daughter.


Q: Will we be reimbursed for gas?

A: Gas mileage must be recorded by the ambassador families and you are reimbursed for 25% at the end of the year.


Q: Does it cost money to be a candidate?

A: There is a $30 application fee for those applying for the Little Miss Princeton and Junior Ambassador positions. For the Princeton Ambassador candidates, the girls along with the ambassador board will work together to find. $150 candidate sponsor for each candidate. These fee will allow the candidate to have a free candidate application, provide them support as a candidate and throughout their reign and help to provide their wardrobe if selected. These fees are kept to a minimum. The program relies heavily on community sponsors and fundraising-this way we can avoid putting financial strain on any of the families. Alumni are also eager to borrow candidates formal dresses to wear at the coronation if a candidate is unable to afford a dress. 


Q: Will their Ambassador duties keep them from getting their school work finished?

A: The majority of their events take place during the summer (June-August). The summer festivals keep the Ambassadors busy averaging 4 events per week. Once the school year starts their schedules slow down significantly, averaging less than 4 events a month. They also know about events many weeks in advance so as to plan accordingly.


Q: What if the parents aren't available to chaperone events?

A: The parents are not the only people allowed to chaperone. Members of the Board of Directors and Alumnae are eager to help out by chaperoning events. The only requirements for chaperones are that they are older than the age of 18. They also cannot be dating any of the Ambassadors. If the event is a parade and the float is being used, the driver must be over the age of 21.


Q: Do we need to store the float or pull it with our own vehicle?

A: The program will allow Ambassadors to store the float if they have space available. We will also allow parents to use their own vehicle as long as it can pull the weight safely. However, most often this isn't the case. The program finds a safe place to store the float when it is not in use. Princeton Auto will provide a vehicle for the parades. The driver simply needs to contact Princeton Auto ahead of time for each event in order to arrange a pick up time.


Q: Who decides what the Ambassadors wear?

A: The Ambassadors are provided with matching clothing purchased and chosen by the Princeton Ambassador Board of Directors. Their attire is chosen based on quality, taste, and the demands of the events Ambassadors attend. These items are completely paid for by the program and are an additional gift to the Scholarship Recipients. Having all the Princeton Ambassadors dress the identically promotes a team mentality. We would never ask or want the Ambassadors buying their own clothes for several reasons. First, the program aims to maintain a consistent style from year to year. The board also purchases clothing of a similar quality/quantity from year to year.  Finally, the Program knows what activities the Ambassadors will be doing and can pick appropriate clothing the year of events to come. 



the Community

Q: How can I get the Ambassadors to attend my event?

A: If your are planning an event and would like the ambassadors to attend                         


Q: Why aren't all the Ambassadors from Princeton?

A: Zimmerman and Milaca are included in our program because they do not have their own programs and many girls had expressed interest in running.


Q: Why change it from Miss Princeton and two Princeton Princesses to three Princeton Ambassadors?

A: 2012 was the first year for this program to crown three Ambassadors rather than a Miss Princeton and two Princesses. This decision was made so that all three could receive the same $700 scholarship. We wanted to award equal scholarships since we have the same expectations for all three of these young ladies. Equal recognition further encourages teamwork between these young ladies as well.


Q: Since there isn't a Miss Princeton, how does the program decide who gets to go to Aquatennial?

A: Aquatennial is an Ambassador program in connection with the Minneapolis summer festival in July. The Minneapolis Queen of the Lakes Scholarship Program allows Princeton and other local royalty programs to send a single candidate each year. Around Sept/August, the Board of Directors will  conduct an interview process similar to that Aquatennial uses. The program's board will decide based on those interviews as well as the general behavior of each Ambassador during the year so far-who will be offered the candidacy first. She will have the opportunity to accept or decline this nomination as it comes with the responsibility of fundraising nearly a thousand dollars. (Revised 08/03/16- Sylvia Michels)


Q: How much to the Jr. Ambassadors and Little Miss Princeton get to do?

A: Since the Jr. Ambassadors and Little Miss Princeton aren't awarded scholarships we do not require them to do anything besides attend the following years coronation. We do invite them to participate in various events throughout the year. They spend a lot of time with the Princeton Ambassadors. The more they are able to participate in events the more time they spend with the older Ambassadors who quickly become mentors and role models. At their farewell coronation Little Miss Princeton and each of the Junior Ambassadors will give a farewell speech. They will also get the opportunity to crown next years representatives.



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