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Kelsy Siercks

Hello, My name is Kelsy Siercks and I am one of your current 2021 Princeton Jr. Ambassadors.  I was a 2017 Little Miss Princeton and enjoy being a part of this program so very much.


I like to stay busy and am involved in a lot of sports (soccer, basketball, dance and track) and groups (Girls Scouts, Web) in and around Princeton.  Also I spend a lot of time with my dogs Princess and Mikey and volunteer at a local dog rescue in my free time!   


I am a lifelong Princeton resident and spend a lot of time with my Mom, Dad and Sister Kayla – who is a current Princeton Ambassador herself.  Our current crown family and extended families are a huge part of why I love this program, we make bonds and connections that last long beyond when the crown is passed on. 


This isn’t just about parades, waving to the crowds and meeting other ambassadors from around the state – don’t get me wrong though, that part is pretty cool by itself.  We volunteer in our community and give our time to other local groups and businesses to help facilitate their events or programs in and around Princeton. We take pride in our town and want to highlight how great it is to our fellow local Princetonites and also to the entire state of MN. 


If you are at all interested in the program or considering running.. let’s talk.  I will tell you how much positivity and happiness my two reigns have brought to my life and the great friendships I have made along the way. 


One day I hope to be one of the “bigs” I have always looked up to and become a Princeton Ambassador. 

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