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Our 2022 

We are excited for these ladies to represent Princeton over the next year. Below are our current Ambassador crew and an individual photo of each of them as well as what they are looking forward to during their year in crown and other things they are involved in. 

Aubrey Harvala - Princeton Ambassador 

Aubrey Harvala will be a senior at Princeton High School this Fall. She is looking forward to representing Princeton at various events around Minnesota. Aubrey also appreciates the connections she has forged already and expanding her networks and celebrating community growth. Outside of the Ambassador Program, Aubrey enjoys her time spent working at the Elim Home and playing tennis at school. She explains that wearing her crown means representing her community and exposes her to opportunities she wouldn’t otherwise experience. She appreciates the time with other communities to volunteer and connect. She hopes to make Princeton proud and exemplify the best of what Princeton has to offer.


Sierra Lee - Princeton Junior Ambassador 

Sierra Lee is going to be an 11th grader at Princeton High School in the fall. She is looking forward to getting closer with my crown sisters and all the other royalty! Sierra is involved in the fall musical, cheerleading, LEO Club, Student Council, Environmental Club, Drama Club, and Speech. She says wearing a crown to her means being a leader while proudly representing and giving back to my community to the best of my abilities. 


Addison Linden - Princeton Junior Ambassador 

Addison Linden is going into 6th grade at Princeton Middle School this fall. Addison is looking forward to representing Princeton throughout Minnesota. She is also looking forward to learning new things, meeting new people and going to more parades. She also explains that she is excited to volunteer, help out in her community, and continue to form lifelong friendships with my crown sisters and other royalty. Addison likes to keep busy as she is involved in Just for Kix dance, PYSBA softball and PYBA basketball. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family. To Addison, wearing a crown means she is representing Princeton in a positive way.  Including showing kindness, being a role model and having fun while honoring her community.


Brianna Stephenson - Princeton Junior Ambassador

Brianna Stephenson is going to be a 7th grader at Faith Christian School. She is looking forward to meeting lots of new people and representing the Princeton community that she loves. Outside of being an ambassador, Brianna is involved in gymnastics and a varsity soccer player. To Brianna, wearing a crown means making a commitment to represent the city of Princeton with both respect and honor.


Kyla Piantoni - Little Miss Princeton

Kyla Piantoni is going into 4th grade this fall at the Princeton Intermediate School. This fall, she is looking forward to the Anoka Halloween parade and meeting new friends. To Kyla, wearing a crown means feeling like a princess. Wearing a crown also means getting to volunteer and make new friends and memories!


Brynlee De Fouw - Little Miss Princeton

Brynlee De Fouw will be in 4th grade at the Princeton Intermediate school this fall. She is looking forward to having a great year and being more involved in the Princeton community. She is also excited to meet new people and make new friends. Outside of being involved in the Princeton Ambassador Program, she is also involved in the Spanish Immersion Program. To Brynlee, wearing a crown means that she is representing Princeton by being kind, socializing with others, being positive and volunteering to help make Princeton a better place.


McKenna Linden - Little Miss Princeton

McKenna Linden is going into 3rd grade at Princeton Intermediate School in the fall. She is looking forward to meeting new royalty and becoming friends with them. I am also excited to help in my community. Outside of being a Little Miss, she is also involved in Just For Kix dance and PYSBA softball.  I also like to ride on my hoverboard, paint, and spend time with my friends and family. To McKenna wearing a crown means to show respect in the community and I get to go to events and show kindness. 

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